Backing up Veritas Cluster Server

Applies to BE10Applies to BE11

When using Backup Exec to back up Veritas Cluster Server nodes, there are certain steps you need to take to ensure that your data is fully protected. Luckily Backup Exec has a feature to make this slightly easier.

For full protection you need to make sure that you back up the local data on each node, and the shared data on each virtual server. When you browse the selection list, you will see both the physical nodes and the virtual servers listed. Normally when you browse the selection list you will see listed all the admin shares (one for each drive), all the user shares, and the Shadow Copy Components. When you expand the selection list of a Veritas Cluster Server node, the remote agent detects which drives are managed by VCS. If you are browsing  the server through the physical node name, the agent hides any of the VCS managed drives. If you are browsing through the virtual server name, the agent hides any local drives and the shadow copy components.

Suppose you have a cluster made up of three physical nodes (CLUSTER01, CLUSTER02, CLUSTER03), which has runs virtual servers (FILESERVER, EXCHANGE, SQLSERVER). In order to back up all your data, your selection list might look like:

  • CLUSTERO1Shadow Copy Components
  • CLUSTERO2Shadow Copy Components
  • CLUSTERO3Shadow Copy Components
  • EXCHANGEInformation Store

You would of course make sure you were backing up your Active Directory as part of your Exchange backup.