Optimising your backup

Backup administrators are always looking for more performance. Even if your backup fits in to your backup window now, it might not in a years time when the company has grown. It's better to ensure your backups are as fast as possible before they become problematic.

There are many ways you can speed up your backups. There are also some Backup Exec options which may be of use.

Firstly, make sure your backup hardware is working correctly. See the performance troubleshooting article for this.

Make sure you are not backing up data unnecessarily. Depending upon your backup strategy, you might run a full backup nightly for all your servers. Some servers may contain data which rarely changes, eg software distribution points. If you back this up only during your weekly backup, you might significantly reduce the time tacken for the nightly backup.

Make sure you know when your data is in use. If you have automated tasks which run at the same time as your backup job, this might slow the backup process considerably.

Decide how you want locked files to be handled. If you typically have a lot of locked files during the backup, and you aren't using AOFO, then depending upon your backup options you might delay your backup while the media server waits to see if a file becomes unlocked.

Consider disabling the job pre-scan. This is used to estimate the size of the backup before it starts, to allow the percent progress indicator to work. Depending upon your backup selction, it can take quite a while to do the pre-scan. Disabling the pre-scan will remove this time.