How to duplicate a backup set

Duplicating a backup set is most frequently done immediately after a backup to disk, as part of a backup-to-disk-to-tape policy. There may be times however when it is necessary to perform an ad-hoc backup, either from a backup-to-disk folder or from a tape.

If you wish to duplicate from an existing tape to another tape, then to duplicate in one job you need two tape drives. If you only have one tape drive, you need to first duplicate the tape to disk, then duplicate from disk to the new tape. Duplicate jobs to tape and to disk are the same apart from choosing a different backup device and media set.

To run a duplicate job:

  1. Click File, New, Duplicate Backup Sets job
  2. Select Duplicate existing backup sets, click OK
  3. If you are duplicating a tape, you will find it easier to change the view to view by media.
  4. Select the media, which will include all backup sets on the media, or select specific backup sets as required.
  5. Choose other backup options as normal
  6. Under General, you might want to choose the relevant tape drive as the preferred source device.
  7. Click Run