How to downgrade from 11d to 10d

Having problems with BE11d? If you want to downgrade from 11d to 10d, this guide is for you.

  1. Ensure you have the backup of your 10d data and all your 10d license keys. (The backup directory is the one created during the 11d install.)
  2. Uninstall 11d and remove all data. Be sure to delete or move the catalogs and logs directories. The default locations for 11d are:
       C:Program FilesSymantecBackup ExecNTCatalogs
       C:Program FilesSymantecBackup ExecNTLogs
  3. Install 10d.
  4. Stop all Backup Exec services and copy all of the backed up data into their original location.  For a default 10d install, this will be:
       C:Program FilesVERITASBackup ExecNTCatalogs
  5. Restart all Backup Exec services.
  6. Step 4 means you lost the catalogs for all backups that happened after the upgrade from 10d to 11d. Consider re-cataloging all tapes written to while running v11.
  7. Remember to downgrade all of the agents you've installed. This will sometimes require a reboot of the client you're downgrading.

Tip: Sometimes BE11d licenses will work on a BE10 server- but not always. If you didn't keep track of your BE10 licenses after you upgraded, try using your BE11d licenses before making a panic call to Symantec.

Tip: License Keys are stored on each server in the file C:WindowsBESERNUM.XML. If you lost your BE10 licenses, check your backups for this file.

Process originally based on a post in the Symantec forum at: