How to find the contents of a tape

If you have a tape (or a .bkf file for that matter) and you want to know what's on the tape, you need the catalog of the tape. A catalog is a catalog (or index) of the media contents. When Backup Exec creates a backup it stores a copy of the catalog in the catalogs folder, and a copy on the media. The local copy is referred to when you prompt Backup Exec for a restore selection list, or use the Search Catalogs feature.

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Performing a remote Authoritative Disaster Recovery

Applies to BE10Applies to BE11To perform a disaster recovery (restore from scratch) of a Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 computer, the relevant section of the Administrator's Guide is page 615 onwards for Backup Exec 10 and page 663 for Backup Exec 11.

This process is relevant for domain controllers, when you are doing an authoritative restore. This does not cover restoring the Backup Exec media server.

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When to perform an authoritative restore

If you are restoring Active Directory data, you will generally be restoring it for one of two reasons:

  • You are restoring an entire domain controller, and you need some Active Directory data for it to start up correctly
  • You need to restore all or part of your Active Directory data to a prior state, such as if you've accidentally deleted an organisational unit

In the second case you need to perform an authoritative restore, in the first a non-authoritative restore is adequate. 

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Upgrading from 10 to 10d

A common source of confusion is the upgrade from 10 to 10d. 10d is in reality just version 10.1. The "d" was added (probably by the Symantec Marketing Department) to signify the backup to disk capabilities, which were already present in 10.0.

The upgrade from 10 to 10d/10.1 is therefore free, and you can use your existing license keys.

The installation files for 10.1 can be found at  

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