Obtaining License Keys

If you're having problems using Symantec's Licensing site to get or upgrade your license keys, there are some important facts to keep in mind…

Symantec provide official documentation on registering a new product and upgrading existing license keys.

If you get stuck at a step in the upgrade process, wait an hour and come back. The Symantec license servers can sometimes get bogged down, and take a while to complete a step. If it doesn't work after an hour, try the next day.

Note that if you're upgrading multiple levels, you'll have to repeat the process for each major revision. For example, if you're upgrading from v9 to v11, you'll need to upgrade from v9 to v10, then v10 to v11.

Note that in the license upgrade process you may see new kinds of licenses appearing, including extra features you didn't order in the past. For example, you may suddenly have Netware agent licenses even if you never bought them. Symantec changed how some products are grouped & sold, and their license server automatically splits and renames some features. In general, you will end up with more than you need when upgrading.

Remember that you can always run the evaluation version of Backup Exec, giving you 60 days to get your real license keys.

License Keys are stored on each server in the file C:WindowsBESERNUM.XML. If you happen to lose your serial numbers or need to downgrade, you can check your old backups for this file.

Sometimes license keys will work for the previous version of BE. Some v11 licenses are known to work for v10. Version 9 keys only work with version 9 servers though. Always document your license keys before doing an upgrade!

The Backup Exec server doesn't limit the number of clients you can connect to. The client licenses you enter on the server are for documentation, and don't serve as a limiter. You are of course obliged to buy all of the licenses you need to stay legal.