Training and certification

Symantec provide training for Backup Exec, both instructor-led and virtual classroom based. There's also a Backup Exec certification, to please current and prospective employers!

To see the on-demand training courses available for Backup Exec, go to eCampus, and select Backup Exec. Note that at time of writing, these are heavily biased towards Backup Exec 10d, with the only course for Backup Exec 11d being "Upgrading from 10d to 11d".

For classroom training courses, go to the Symantec Education site, and select Backup Exec. If you are not based in the USA or Canada, don't forget to change your country! The site can be awkward to browse, but the information is there, including the syllabus of each course, and is kept up to date. Currently there are two courses for Backup Exec available, titled Backup Exec Administration I and Backup Exec Administration II.

If you are serious enough to have completed the training courses, you may wish to get a certification. Compared to the cost of the courses, the certification is very cheap, so you may as well go for it, and prove that you know Backup Exec, while enhancing your CV at the same time. Again, the relevant section of the website is quite awkward to navigate, but the information is there.