Getting the installation files

Where do you get the latest Backup Exec 11d installation files from?

Retail box

If you've bought the retail box version of Backup Exec (or you had it shipped to you on CD), then you can simply use the CD. However, sometimes new builds are created, and retail boxes might contain the previous build, so before you install, check to see what the build version is on your CD. This might be a readme.txt file on the CD, or be printed on the CD itself. If a newer build is available, you might as well ignore the CD and download the newer build.

Downloading installation files

You can obtain the installation files from two sources: the trialware site and Fileconnect. Both locations provide the same files. To download from the trialware site:

  1. Go to the Symantec Backup Exec product page
  2. Click Download Trialware
  3. Follow the instructions!

If you wish, you can also download the files from Symantec Fileconnect. For this you will need your Backup Exec serial number to hand. The only advantage of Fileconnect seems to be that the version numbers and build dates are shown, so it's easier to see which packages have been updated and when.

Once you've installed the latest build, don't forget to install the latest hotfixes, by checking the Symantec Backup Exec downloads page, or use LiveUpdate for Backup Exec 11d.