Unable to attach to BKUPEXEC

Getting the error message "Unable to attach to SERVERNAMEBKUPEXEC"? This is usually because you have an item which doesn't exist selected. But what if it doesn't appear in the selection list?

The particular message above frequently occurs when Backup Exec has been installed and run in demo mode. This makes all the options available, and during this period, the BKUPEXEC SQL instance is selected for backup. Then licenses are bought and installed (but not the SQL license), and the SQL instance no longer appears in the selection list. However, in the background, the selection is still there, and backup of the database will be attempted during the backup job, but when the job runs the database can't be backed up, as there's no SQL license.

The resolution is to view your selection list, then change it to text mode. You can then remove the selection.

To do this:

  1. Click Edit, Manage Selection Lists
  2. Select the relevent selection list
  3. Click the View Selection Details tab
  4. Select the SQL resource and click delete
  5. Click OK

Obviously this works for selections other than the SQL instance which are no longer available.