Rebuilding your catalogs

Had a problem with your Backup Exec installation and need to rebuild your catalogs?

If you need to rebuild your catalogs folder, then you can manually recatalog each tape. That might take a considerable amount of time though, particularly if you have more than a few tapes. If you have a copy of your catalogs folder lying around, you can simply rebuild the active catalogs folder.

  1. Restore your backup of the catalog folder to an alternate location (if you are restoring from tape)
  2. Stop the Backup Exec services
  3. Copy the .FH and .IMG files from the restored folder into the relevant subfolder of your catalogs folder (on Backup Exec 11d, on 10d it simply goes in the catalogs folder itself)
  4. Restart the Backup Exec services
  5. Backup Exec will then rebuild your catalogs – an event ID 34304 will be logged in the application log (on Backup Exec 11d)
  6. When the rebuild process has completed event ID 34305 will be logged in the application log – this can take a while if you have plenty of catalog data.