Restoring to dissimilar hardware

Do you need to restore to dissimilar hardware? It might not be straightforward.

The first question is, "what is dissimilar hardware"? As far as system recovery with Backup Exec is concerned, dissimilar hardware means any components other than hard disks, video cards and network cards are different. In other words if you are trying to recover to hardware where only the hard disks, video cards and network cards are different, it should still work. 

Backup Exec on its own does not support restoring to dissimilar hardware. However with the Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option, dissimilar hardware restore is supported, provided you can get IDR to work. This is true for Backup Exec 11d – previous versions of IDR don't support dissimlar hardware recovery.

An alternative might be to try Backup Exec System Recovery, which supports dissimilar hardware restore.