How does Backup Exec compare to Netbackup?

Netbackup is more expensive than Backup Exec. What do you get for your money?

The most obvious difference between Netbackup and Backup Exec, is that Netbackup is designed for BIG business. Backup Exec is aimed more at small and medium business. Over recent years, Backup Exec has gained features to make it more scalable and manageable, and improve its functionality. Specific example of this are the Central Admin Server Option, and the addition of encryption capabilities. Recently Netbackup has been adding packages (the non-Enterprise versions) which target small and medium business.

  Backup Exec Netbackup
Availability Reseller and retail Certified Partners only
Media server support Windows Windows, Netware, UNIX
Scalability Small and medium business Medium and large business
Data deduplication? No Yes
Vault management? Yes Cost option
Multiplexing? No Yes
Storage Lifecycle Policies? No Yes
Dissimilar hardware restore? No (Except with System Recovery Option) Yes
Synthetic backups? Yes Yes
Disk Staging (D2D2T) Yes Yes
Inline copy No No
Encryption Yes Cost option


Backup Exec is a retail product – you can buy it from a reseller or off the shelf. Netbackup isn't available off the shelf, only from a Symantec partner.