Why upgrade to Build 7170?

If you are using Backup Exec 11d build 6235, you'll no doubt be aware that build 7170 is available. Why upgrade? What does 7170 offer that 6235 doesn't?


  • Support for Windows Vista as a Remote Agent platform
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange server 2007
  • Support for Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 (with Hotfix 6)
  • Support for Oracle 8i
  • Support for Intel based Apple Macs
  • Granular restore of Active Directory items on a 64-bit domain controller
  • Support for 64-bit SQL server for a 32-bit Sharepoint 2003 farm
  • Support for SAP on x64
  • Support for VMware VCB off-host backup


Often in the event of a problem, the first response will be to upgrade to the latest build of Backup Exec, with all the latest hotfixes.

Service Pack 2 for build 6235 was released at the same time as Service Pack 1 for build 7170. However, upon the release of Service Pack 2 for build 7170 there was no corresponding release for build 6235, perhaps indicating Symantec's desire for all users to be on build 7170.