How to delete B2D files

If you have your media sets configured correctly, then you will usually find that your backup-to-disk folders remain a constant size. In some circumstances you may need to remove some backup-to-disk files in order to free up some space.

Deleting backup-to-disk files from Backup Exec is a two-step process, as you will (usually) want to disassociate Backup Exec from any backup-to-disk files before you delete them. This is so that if you come to restore data the catalogs are correct, and don't mislead you in to thinking you have data available for a restore which has been deleted.

  1. In Backup Exec's media view, find the B2D files you wish to remove. It's a good idea to double-check their contents by right-clicking, selecting Restore Data, then checking the restore selection list contains data you are prepared to be without. Make a note of which files these are.
  2. If you are going to delete the files, then right-click them, choose Assocate with Media Set, and choose Retired Media. We need to do this as you can't delete media from a "normal" media set. Then click Retired Media, select the B2D files, right-click and choose Delete.
  3. If you are going to move the B2D files elsewhere, such as for long-term storage, then rather than delete them you may wish to move the B2D files to a media set created for this purpose.
  4. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to your backup-to-disk folder, locate the files, and delete them in the normal way. Note that this might be a good time to check the drive your B2D folder is on for fragmentation.