How to speed up restores

Restoring data with Backup Exec is (generally) easy. However in some circumstances the way you build your selection lists can drastically affect the amoount of time the restore takes.

For an example, suppose we have a single folder, which contains 10 subfolders:


If we wanted to restore 9 of the subfolders, then the simplest way to do that would be to select the parent folder, then deselect the subfolder you don't wish to restore. Viewing the selection list in text mode would show two lines – one for the parent folder, and an exclude line for the subfolder. This would work for a restore, however when you run the restore what appears to happen is that the data for the entire folder is sent to the remote agent, and the remote agent simply excludes the deselected subfolder.

If you are in a scenario where your deselcted folder is large, or you are sending data over a slow link (such as a WAN), then a lot of unneccessary data is sent. This can be observed by watching the network usage on the remote server, and comparing it with the folder structure being restored.

Instead of the above selection method, by selecting the nine subfolders independently, the data for the excluded subfolder is not sent to the remote agent.