What's new in Backup Exec 12?

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Release Date

18th February 2008

New Features

Windows Server 2008 support (both as a remote system, and as a media server)

Windows Server 2008  Core support (as a remote system only, and not with Exchange, Sharepoint or SQL agent)

Support for Microsoft Virtual Server – backps up VSS snapshots of virtual machines

T10 hardware encryption support

You can now evaluate options after licensing Backup Exec

Improved Calendar view

Alert to renew Backup Exec support contract

Advanced Open File Option and Intelligent Disaster Recovery are now included

Enterprise Vault Agent – Enterprise Vault is an information archiving solution from Symantec. (From )

Exchange Off-Host backups are now supported

Integration with the Symantec Protection Network online backup service.

Integration with Symantec Endpoint Protection.

Backup to disk folders storing Granular Restore Technology data now adhere to media set rules.

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Licensing changes

The Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option and the Advanced File Option licenses are now included in the core product and remote agents, so they cannot be purchased separately. As a result, the pricing of the core product and Remote Agent for Windows Servers has increased, though it is lower than the cost of purchasing the three licenses separately for Backup Exec 11d.

Can I check my environment for Backup Exec 12 readiness?

The Environment Check Utility (as used during the installation process) can be downloaded separately from the following locations:

Is there any documentation available?

You can get your product knowledge prepared in advance with the following Backup Exec 12 documentation: