Upgrading to barcode labels

So you’ve been using a single tape drive for a while, and now you’ve upgraded and got a tape library with a barcode reader. How do you move over to using the barcodes, without losing your catalogs?

Luckily Backup Exec makes this process easy. When you use barcode labels the tape label in Backup Exec will change to reflect this. Backup Exec will recognise the tapes based on the media ID on the tape.

So to move to the barcode labels, apply the barcodes to your existing tapes, then insert them into your tape library. Once loaded, and the library has done its own inventory, you can scan the library in Backup Exec, and the tapes will show up, with the new label, but showing as unknown media. Your old labels will also show in All Media, as Backup Exec doesn’t know that they are the same tapes.

You can then inventory the loader in Backup Exec, and as each tape is read, the media ID will be recognised as that of the old media. The old label for the tape will disappear from All Media, and the new label will show the correct media set, append and overwrite protection times for the tape.