Media has black cross on red circle

In Backup Exec 12, offline media is displayed in the media view with a black cross on a red circle. This simply means that the media is on-site, but not in the tape drive/library. While crosses usually indicate errors, this is not the case in this instance.

How much does Backup Exec cost?

Pricing for Backup Exec 12, its agents and options are listed below. Prices are in US dollars. Prices are manufacturers suggested retail price. Discounts may be available if you are part of a buying program, upgrading, or migrating from a competitive product.

Backup jobs fail unexpectedly when Daylight Savings changes

Backup Exec has trouble handling schedules when Daylight Savings starts & stops.  This has been a problem since at least  Backup Exec 7, and continues with all versions though Backup Exec 12. For example, in the United States, Daylight Savings starts the 2nd Sunday in March (clocks move forward 1 hour), and ends the 1st Sunday in […]