Crash during disaster recovery

It is possible during a disaster recovery that the system being recovered may crash (blue screen) during the restore of the system files component of system state. Upon Windows startup, the error "System error: Lsass.exe. When trying to update a password the return status indicates that the value provided as the current password is not […]

How to delete B2D files

If you have your media sets configured correctly, then you will usually find that your backup-to-disk folders remain a constant size. In some circumstances you may need to remove some backup-to-disk files in order to free up some space.

IMG folders do not follow media set rules

If you backup Exchange to disk using the Granular Restore Technology option (Enable the restore of individual mail messages and folders), you will find your backup-to-disk folder filling up with .IMG files. Regardless of the media set rules you set for your backup, the files are not overwritten, and continue to accumulate until they fill […]