Intelligent Disaster Recovery

Backup Exec's Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option (IDR) is designed to speed up the process of disaster recovery. It removes the requirement for installing the operating system before restoring from a backup. It integrates with the ASR functionality of Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP.

What are catalogs?

Catalogs are files which contain information about what files have been backed up. Catalogs are used when you create a selection list for a restore, so BE knows what files you can restore, when they were backed up, and what media they are on. 

Understanding Media Sets

One of the most common misunderstandings with Backup Exec is how media sets work. It's common for people to think that by assigning a job to a media set, the media from that set will be used for the job. In actual fact, this assignment means that any media used in the job will be […]

What are agents?

There are several remote agents available for Backup Exec. The most commonly used is the Agent for Windows servers. This is used for every backup of a Windows server, even the Backup Exec media server itself.